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The Lap-Band System

The LAP-BAND® System

LAP-BAND® System surgery is a purely restrictive bariatric procedure. Available from Inova Bariatric, the name LAP-BAND® comes from the minimally invasive surgical technique laparoscopy and the silicone gastric band placed around the top of the upper part of the stomach during this surgical process. The LAP-BAND® System works by helping to control food intake while supporting long term, sustainable weight loss.

New guidelines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration now make it possible for millions of patients who may not have previously qualified for bariatric surgery to be candidates for LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding. The FDA has approved the procedure in patients with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30 plus one or more obesity-related comorbidity conditions – such as Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or other conditions.

This form of weight loss surgery, places a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach creating a narrow passage to the lower portion, causing slow movement of food through the digestive system. Since the food passes through the system slowly there is no risk of “dumping”, which can occur with other bariatric procedures when food passes through the system too fast resulting in severe cramping and digestive disruption.

Along with the narrow passage, a small pouch is created at the top of the stomach that holds approximately four to eight ounces of food at one time. Because the upper portion of the stomach stores less food, it registers as full more quickly. Since the upper stomach area reaches capacity faster, the body is gratified with the feeling of fullness sooner. When the upper stomach has reached its limits, the message to the brain is that the entire stomach is full. This sensation helps diminish the desire to continue eating, encouraging smaller meal portions. Weight loss is encouraged consistently, over time, with little effort.

There are many advantages for our patients in Virginia, Washington DC and throughout the United States in choosing this method of weight loss surgery. Because it is the least invasive option, it is also one of the safest. In comparison, it is actually ten times safer than Gastric Bypass surgery. Because only small incisions are made and less is disrupted internally, there is minimal scarring, reduced post-surgical pain, shorter hospital stays and reduced recovery times. Many lap band surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis allowing for a faster return to work and normal activities.

Lap band surgery is specifically designed for long-term weight maintenance. However, because there is no stomach stapling, cutting or intestinal rerouting it is completely reversible and offers the lowest operative complication rate.

In addition to being removable, the lap band is adjustable. It can be customized for each individual patient and their changing weight loss and dietary needs. No additional surgery is needed for these adjustments, which enable the band to be tightened or loosened altering the size of the food passage. This is helpful in supporting lifestyle modifications of local patients and those visiting from outside the Virginia and Washington DC areas. This includes its permitted use during pregnancy since it can be adjusted to allow for an increase in the amount of food and nutrients received by the expectant mother. There is essentially a low risk of malnutrition overall, since there is not any interference to the body’s absorption of nutrients from the food that is eaten.

The Lap Band System is an excellent choice for those seeking a less invasive, long-term weight loss option that accommodates impending lifestyle changes.

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