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Pilonidal Disease

What is pilonidal disease?

image01“Pilo” means hair, and “nidal” means a nest or the entry point of an infection. It is a chronic infection that occurs near the top of the butt crease/cleft on the back. It happens mostly in hairy and obese people, mostly in the teens and adults.

What causes this?

The cause is debatable. Most think that it is due to an ingrown hair that causes a local infection. This then creates a small hole or crater, allowing other hair and lint (from clothes) to come in. This then leads to infections.

Chronic infections are due to hair and lint remaining in the wound, and the small hole or crater can develop into deep and far reaching tunnels.

How is this treated?

If there is no sign of infection, therapy may be limited to keeping the area clean and to remove the hair around the pilonidal cyst.

Acute infections are treated with antibiotics and immediate drainage to get all the pus out. After the pus is gone, the wound may heal and never bother you again or it may come back.

Chronic infections are treated with surgery that can range from simple operations to complex operations. Your surgeon will determine what is the best for you.

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