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Cleveland Clinic Names Bariatric Surgery for Control of Diabetes as a Top 10 Medical Innovation for 2013

The Inova Bariatric is happy to be able to help people in numerous ways by offering advanced bariatric surgery procedures to fight morbid obesity, and reducing risks to one’s health is a major component in the effectiveness of these treatments. The Cleveland Clinic, one of the most renowned academic medical centers and hospital facilities in the world, recently named Bariatric Surgery for Control of Diabetes as number one on its list of Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2013. The Cleveland Clinic says that many doctors claim obesity surgery can rid patients of Type 2 diabetes, and that bariatric surgery can now serve as a treatment option for poorly controlled diabetes and not just as a last resort.

Please take a look at this news release listing the Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10, and contact Inova Bariatric for more information.