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Exercising on the Road



Whether you are traveling for pleasure or work, you still need to stick to an exercise regimen. Keep in mind, traveling can bring around food choices you are not used to making. Sticking to an exercise plan during this time will help you stay on track with your exercise and weight goals.

Take time in the morning, before daily activities start, to get in an energizing workout or finish the evening with a routine to make for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Most hotels have an exercise room and a pool. Take advantage of these amenities, or stick to a routine that can be done in the comfort of your room.

Resistance bands are great to pack into a suitcase, and take up very little space. These bands can be used for a number of upper and lower body exercises. A TRX Suspension Trainer is another portable piece of equipment that can give you a challenging full body workout. This trainer comes equipped with straps that can be placed on the inside of a door panel and used to perform leveraged bodyweight exercises.

However you structure your exercise regimen during your travels, don’t fall off track! Your body will thank you later when you get home, rather than pay for it in the weeks to come. Good luck!