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Family Matters

Research is starting to show that Family Matters following weight loss surgery for both the individual choosing surgery as well as the family. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery has a ‘halo’ effect on the other family members. Recent research suggests the positive effect includes the weight, eating habits, activity levels and health behaviors of all members of the family. Measured eating habits, uncontrollable eating, emotional eating, and alcohol consumption all improved among adult family members over the course of the study. Dr. John Morton, the director of bariatric surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine states, “If you have a committed and involved family, you’re going to have better outcomes for the patient, and also by the same token, the family members can have a collateral benefit.” The social support gained through the family can provide much needed motivation to break bad habits and turn the corner to a healthier lifestyle. Kling (2011), indicates “one study showed that children of obese mothers were 52% less likely to be obese if they were born after she underwent the surgery compared with children born before surgery.” As the research continues to be explored regarding this concept it encourages people to look at the surgery as a transition for the entire family not just the individual having the surgery. So, consider bariatric surgery a platform for change involving the whole family.


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