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Feeling Tight After Exercise? Feel Soreness, Aches And Pains? Foam Rolling May Be The Answer!

Foam rolling and Myofascial Release is a great way to improve any soreness, tightness or pain issues in a muscle or ligament. Through exercise our muscles are under tension and strain, after exercise the muscle relaxes but over time can be in a contracted position and become very tight causing pain, stiffness and range of motion impingement. Massage therapy has always been an extremely great way to reduce tension, break down scar tissue build up and relax muscles enabling proper healing. Stretching is important but massaging releases the ligament tension and muscle tension and is vital for optimal performance and health. Foam rolling is a very easy, cost effective way to help release tight ligaments and muscles. As seen in the following article, there are a number of ways to use the foam roller to massage spots on your body where there are ligament, muscle or scar tissue build up to break down and release causing your muscle to relax and heal properly.

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Foam Roller Exercise - IT Band Photo � E. Quinn