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The Importance of Interval Training

Interval Training is when your heart rate increases and decreases multiple times throughout a workout. During this exercise, the heart rate will act like a yoyo, constantly going up and down. Calorie burning skyrockets because it takes more calories to burn in order to elevate the heart rate. This type of cardiovascular exercise is especially beneficial for people who have been exercising for a period of time, hit a plateau, want to increase fitness levels, or speed up weight loss.

This type of training uses both aerobic and anaerobic levels in the body. Aerobic training uses oxygen to convert carbohydrates, stored in the body, to energy and burns calories which allow you to exercise for an extended amount of time. Anaerobic training improves cardiovascular capacity. During this training, the body draws on glycogen stored in muscles which provide energy for short, intense activities.

If your cardiovascular workouts have been lacking in intensity and variety, spice up your routine and give this a try!

Example: Walking…Start at a moderate pace for 5 minutes. Then increase speed to a power walk, pumping your arms for 5 minutes. After the 10 minute mark, repeat back to a moderate pace.

Kaitlyn Moviel, Exercise Specialist