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Kangoo Jumps

What are they? Kangoo Jumps are shoes that are used in rebound exercising. This type of exercising reduces body fat, firms and strengthens muscles, increases agility, and provides an aerobic workout for the heart more so than other various exercises. These jumps are intended to provide an increased gravitational load on the body which strengthens the musculoskeletal system and protects joints from chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.

How do they work? During exercise, these shoes help to directly target the lymphatic system in our bodies. The lymphatic system helps to circulate toxin build up out of the body. In order to circulate correctly, outside body movement, such as exercise, is required. If the body isn’t getting in enough exercise, these toxins will aid in fat development. The Kangoo Jumps are designed to target this particular area due to the constant bouncing movement they create.

Studies have shown that you burn more energy and calories wearing these shoes compared to normal sport shoes. Kangoo Jumps have gone through 14 years of development and research in Europe. The shoes are easy to use for all age ranges, and are fun, safe, and enjoyable.

Orthopedists recommend Kangoo Jumps to ease joint and back pain.

General Practitioners recommend these shoes to correct and prevent obesity, depression, back pain, and lack of energy.

Chiropractors recommend these for spinal strengthening, better posture, and increased balance, coordination, and flexibility.

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