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Obesity Surgery Risk Score Helps Identify Potential Complications Say Washington DC Bariatric Surgeons

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Bariatric Surgeons in Washington DC on Identifying Potential Obesity Surgery Complications

The Obesity Surgery Mortality Risk Score is a scoring system for identification and prediction of patients who may be at risk of mortality from undergoing weight loss surgery. Doctors at Inova Bariatric Surgery in the Northern Virginia-Washington, DC area say thanks to certain specific calculations based on factors such as age, sex, and body mass index, physicians can help minimize possible complications with weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass and promote safer, more effective results.

According to a recent article published in the American Family Physician journal, bariatric surgery procedures such as the LAP-BAND® system, gastric sleeve, and others result in an average weight loss of 50 percent of excess body weight. The article also reports that 80 percent of gastric bypass patients experience a remission of diabetes. Washington, DC weight loss surgeons at Inova Bariatric Surgery say with the overwhelming success of bariatric surgery, patients often find it easy to glance over the risks of such a significant procedure.

Although many co-morbidities (health conditions possibly related to obesity) are often greatly reduced and health-related quality of life typically improves, Inova Bariatric Surgery says patients need to be aware of the potential complications that could arise during weight loss surgery. By identifying the best candidates for surgery through a system such as the Obesity Surgery Mortality Risk Score – a scoring and prediction system implemented to identify patients who are more at risk for mortality as a result of surgery – the group says doctors and patients may be able to achieve the safest, most effective results.

Using a technique such as the Obesity Surgery Mortality Risk Score, Inova Bariatric Surgery says physicians can help identify patients with increased mortality risk from weight loss surgery. However, research from the article published by the American Family Physician states that complications and adverse effects are the lowest during laparoscopic surgery and vary by the type of procedure as well as pre-surgical risk of the patient. Inova Bariatric says the Obesity Surgery Mortality Risk Score assesses potential risks based on five factors, including body mass index, gender, hypertension, risk for pulmonary embolism, and age older than 45 years.

The group also says risks are highly dependent on each individual patient’s unique situation, and in order to provide the safest procedure possible, all factors need to be considered. “Every surgery has inherent risks, but when the patient has underlying co-morbidities in addition to a BMI over 35, there is extra strain on the body. All risks and benefits should be carefully considered before proceeding with bariatric surgery,” says Dr. Amir Moazzez.

Inova Bariatric says regardless of whether patients are considering the LAP-BAND® System or another weight loss procedure, patients should be sure to consult with a bariatric surgery practice that identifies the risks involved and takes every measure to avoid such complications. It also adds that through the dedication of a personal, caring, and experienced staff, patients can make significant steps towards a healthier life.

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