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How to Avoid and Break Through Plateaus

In our journey with exercise it is common and easy to hit weight plateaus or even strength plateaus. Ninety percent of the time this is caused by our bodies adapting to a certain training stimulus. Our bodies are very efficient and adapt to stresses very quickly. If you are constantly doing the same exercise the same way and at the same intensity you’re eventually going to yield in seeing results. You have to make sure that you are always improving whether it’s dropping body percent fat or losing weight or strength training. The reason P90x has been so successful is because you are constantly doing different things, challenging yourself in a different way. The different the stressor (exercise) on the body the different result you will get from it. The other big key and I would say for most people this is the hardest thing to do. You have to push yourself in the exercises to get the best results. In most cases our minds are the only thing holding our physical results back. In some circumstances injuries and issues prevent you from pushing 100% but as long as the exercise is challenging for YOU, you will see the results you want and expect. The greatest advice and the biggest thing I have learned in my athletic career and exercise endeavors has been, it’s not about WHAT you do in the gym but more importantly HOW you did it. Did you go 50% and just went through the motions or did you challenge yourself and push yourself to be better then you were that day. When you challenge yourself and work hard great results will always follow. For more information contact our office.


John Petruzzi, BS, USAW, Exercise Specialist