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Do you have a case of the munchies? Whether it’s sitting in front of a computer or TV, driving in your car, or waiting for dinner to be ready your urge to eat may be overwhelming!

Take a look at these 12 ways to stop your snack attack:

  1. Light a scented candle – A soothing aroma, like peppermint, can help curb your cravings.
  2. Drink tea – Or other non-caloric beverage. Drinking fluids can help determine if your desire for a snack is truly driven by hunger or simply your need for more hydration.
  3. Look at magazines/websites for an outfit you’ll buy when you lose your unwanted weight – Keeping your eye on the long-term goal will help you make smart decisions now.
  4. Read instead of watching TV – Reading requires you to hold a book, which keeps your hands occupied so they won’t be dipping into that bag of chips.
  5. Brush your teeth, chew gum, or swish with mouth wash – A mint flavor in your mouth reduces the urge to munch.
  6. Think about what you are eating – Mindful eating, which includes focusing on the texture, taste, and smell of a food, prevents overeating.
  7. Slow-cooked meals – Meals that take time to prepare keep your hands and mind occupied so you’re less likely to snack. If you like to “sample” along the way, see number 5!
  8. Exercise – A quick walk or a few times up and down your stairs can help suppress appetite and increase your energy level.
  9. Plan your snacks in advance – Keeping prepared, portion-controlled, healthy snacks in your home or at work will help you make good food choices when you snack.
  10. Call a friend – Talking not only occupies your mouth but also keeps your mind from dwelling on your cravings.
  11. Suck on hard sugar-free candy – Sugar-free candy can give your mouth the satisfaction of “eating” something without the added calories.
  12. Keep a menu plan in sight – Put your personalized meal plan on your fridge or bathroom mirror as a friendly reminder to stay the course!