Metro Bariatrics - Amir Moazzez MD, FACS

The Bread Basket

Ever wonder how many calories are in those tempting baskets of warm bread, rolls, or tortillas chip baskets?  They taste so delicious but those calories could turn your restaurant meal into a calorie disaster!  Take a look:

½ basket of tortilla chips: 350 calories (This doesn’t include what you dip ‘em in!)
1 Cheddar Bay biscuit from Red Lobster: 150 calories
1 bag of tortilla chips from Chipotle:
570 calories
1 slice of carrot raisin bread from MiMi’s Cafe: 250 calories
1 breadstick from Olive Garden:
150 calories
1 biscuit from Bob Evans:
340 calories
1 biscuit from Cracker Barrel: 130 calories

To give a frame of reference,women should aim for 500-600 calories per meal and for men 600-700 calories per meal. That means if you’re a female and you indulged in a slice of carrot raisin bread from Mimi’s Cafe you only have 250-350 calories left to eat from your entree! So next time you’re at a restaurant prioritize where you want your calories to come from – the bread basket or your entree.