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The Healing Powers of Chia Seeds

Many people have heard the name chia pet, but did you know those chia seeds do more than produce the chia pet. Chia seeds were used by the Aztecs when the warriors were going into battle. The seeds are a powerhouse food with many benefits. The little seeds have protein, contain omega 3 fats and antioxidants, has no cholesterol and can be used in many ways. Chia seeds have a mild nutty flavor and can be stored for extended periods. Some of the Health benefits associated with Chia seeds include the following:

1. Supports Heart Health
2. Stabilizes Blood sugar
3. Energizing
4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
5. High Quality Protein
6. Antioxidants
7. Provides Fiber and Other Nutrients
8. Brain Power

So if these seeds have such great benefits you may be asking yourself “How do I use it?”. The whole seeds can be sprinkled on cereal, salads or yogurt. They can also be ground and used in protein drinks or mixed in with just about any food. The seeds soak up to nine times their weight in water and when you mix them in with water you need to let it sit for about 10 minutes to absorb the water. For the ideal consistency of chia gel, use 1 part chia to 9 parts liquid. Mix well, and allow 10 minutes for the seeds to fully hydrate. In Mexico, the seeds are mixed with water and a small amount of lemon or lime juice to make a drink called “Chia Fresca”.

The nutrition information associated with Chia seeds:
Nutrition info for 1 Tablespoon
Calories 68 kcal
Carbohydrates 6 grams
Fiber 5.5 grams
Sugar 0 grams
Protein 2 grams