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We are gearing up for our third annual Weight Loss Surgery and Healthy Living Expo!

Bluepoint – Inova Bariatric Surgery partners with Sentara Potomac Hospital to bring this event to our community. As you know, obesity is a very debilitating condition causing many related illnesses. Meanwhile, the cost of treating obesity related diseases continues to rise. It has become a serious health concern in our local community. The expo helps educate the public on obesity and obesity related illnesses and gets people excited about weight loss options available to them. In addition, the Expo is another free event offered to our current patients as a way to network, get support and information, in addition to celebrating their achievements. We hope to make this year’s event even bigger and better than last year and we need your help!

We are currently seeking ideas, contacts, donations, and/or door prizes to improve our event and to help attract the public. Since the hospital is a non profit organization, we would be able to provide donation slips as a write off. If you know anyone that works in retail or owns a small business we would love to hear from you. We are flexible and can work with groups to cross promote products/services or offer exclusive promotion of your product in exchange for a sponsorship fee.

In addition we are looking for patients to volunteer for different portions of our Expo. We will need models for the fashion show; all stages post operative and all procedures are welcome. Whether you have met your goal or have shrunk 1 pant size, this is a way for you to show off your success, and be celebrated. The fashion show this year will be with exercise and sports in mind. For those interested, please contact Janice Lavoie at 703-730-4456 or




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Weight Loss Surgery and Healthy Living Expo 2010