Metro Bariatrics - Amir Moazzez MD, FACS

Why Training and Performing Optimally is Important

Here in America we seem to be under the idea of “if we try hard that’s all that matters” or “it’s ok if you fail just as long as you tried hard.”  Sometimes, it is not ok to fail!  If you could apply the exact same amount of effort, dedication and focus to something and win/succeed why wouldn’t you do that?  That’s where training and doing things optimally comes into play.  With exercise we train optimally.  We set our programs and exercises around a specific goal.  We do not do exercises that are risky or trendy or because “someone said it works.”  If you are thinking about a personal trainer, going to a gym or club that offers boot camps (i.e. Crossfit) be very careful and conscious of what you’re doing.  Most of these programs are built off a trend; most of the time they are modeled after athlete programs.  Who doesn’t want to look like an elite athlete?  But more importantly who is in shape enough to handle the exercises or workouts these athletes do?  An example of this would be box jumps.  If your personal trainer or someone you know is having you do box jumps please ask them, “Why?  For what reason?”  You are not an athlete and you are not looking to jump higher or become faster and a more explosive mom in the grocery store.  So why do them?  Olympic level long jumpers, triple jumpers and high jumpers may do box jumps at a maximum of 2x per week.  It is a risky and high impact exercise.  But more importantly it is not a goal specific exercise.  Everything has to be built around your specific goal and need, not to “just get a great workout in.”  Having a goal is the most important thing with being successful and performing a task optimally, it gives you the best chance to succeed.  If there is no goal, there is no direction and in most cases there is no motivation either.  An alternative exercise to the box jump that is safe and lower impact would be a basic step up, stepping up onto a bench or chair.  You are using the exact same muscle groups, getting a better contraction and at a much lower risk of injury and lower impact on your joints.  So when doing an exercise program keep in mind your goal, and what exercises you are performing.  Train and perform optimally.