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Insurance Required Diet Plans


Meet Maria, Your Dietician


Meet Elaine, Your Dietician

Due to the increasing demand from insurance companies for documented medically supervised weight loss programs, Inova Bariatric offers a series of three and 6 month consecutive classes designed to meet insurance company’s approval criteria for bariatric surgery. It is important that you become aware of your particular insurance policies criteria with regards to bariatric surgery.  Completion of this program does not in any way guarantee approval from your insurance company.

Our medically supervised weight loss programs cover a wide array of nutrition topics including: how to eat well dining away from home, package label reading, calorie awareness, emotional eating and grocery store shopping.  Additionally, we offer an exercise component to some courses that cover topics such as benefits of exercise, modified exercise routines, and working activity into a busy schedule.  Our courses are taught be our Registered Dietitians and Exercise Specialist.  These courses help you form a strong nutrition and exercise base to prepare you for the lifestyle changes necessary after bariatric surgery

Daily Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines

Once you are ready for surgery your dietitian will develop a vitamin and mineral regime that is specific for your needs. The following is a list of potential vitamin requirements, you may or may not have to supplement with the entire list.


Calcium Citrate

Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamine)

B-Complex (B-50)

Additional Iron

Papaya Enzyme

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