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Our Bariatric Nutrition Program

Inova Bariatric is committed to helping our patients transform their lives through education and behavior modification. Along with your surgery it is imperative that you prepare yourself with the proper education and training to succeed in reaching your weight loss goals. Below you will find a comprehensive explanation of our program broken down into each individual visit.

1-3 weeks after meeting with your bariatric surgeon for the first time:

Wellness Consult: New patient consult for nutrition, exercise, and behavior – Once you have had your individual consultation with the surgeon, you will meet with providers from our wellness team. This initial meeting will provide you an opportunity to discuss your personal story, weight and exercise history. The dietitian will do a comprehensive review of past weight loss attempts, current lifestyle, and family history.  They will also review your surgical options, and discuss nutritional implications of each procedure.  The dietitian will determine your Resting Metabolic Rate and work with you to develop healthy lifestyle goals to assist you with re-shaping your exercise and nutrition habits before surgery.  Next you will meet with the Bariatric Wellness Counselor who will explore the psychological reasons behind lifestyle choices and how to manage your thoughts and mindset about healthy eating and living.  Lastly, you will meet with our Exercise Specialist who will assess your current physical fitness and develop a personalized exercise routine based on your abilities and limitations. During these consultations you will learn how to alter lifestyle behaviors now to help you succeed long-term after surgery.

2-3 weeks prior to surgery:

Weight Loss Nutrition ClassCongratulations, you now have a surgery date and the countdown is on! You will be attending a weight loss wellness class along with a group who are all having surgery around the same time you are.  These classes are taught by our registered dietitians and are held at either our Fair Oaks or Woodbridge office locations. Classes are about two and half hours in length and cover various aspects of bariatric nutrition.  Topics covered by the dietitian include: what to expect after surgery, post surgical meal plans, fluid intake, vitamins, protein supplements, and eating patterns. Each patient will receive a Bariatric Wellness Manual containing all class materials for you to use for future reference.

Two weeks prior to surgery:

Bariatric Advantage PickupBariatric Advantage is a fourteen day full liquid meal replacement that our practice uses as a preoperative liquid diet to aid in shrinking the size of your liver in preperation for surgery. We require that all weight loss surgery patients participate in this program. Our dietitians will review the Bariatric Advantage meal plan with you and provide you with all your supplements for the entire two weeks.  For more information refer to the “Pre-Surgical Diet” tab under “About Weight Loss Surgery”.

2-10 days prior to surgery:

Final VisitAll your testing is complete and your big day is just around the corner.  All you have left to do is attend your final visit with your Surgeon and Dietitian.  This visit serves as a time for you and the dietitian to review topics discussed in the Weight Loss Class and create a personalized meal plan just for you with the Dietitian.   This visit will also allow you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have from the Bariatric Nutrition Manual.  This visit will also allow you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have from the Bariatric Nutrition Manuel.  The dietitian will set up your next appointment and insure all your questions are answered before you leave.

7-10 days after hospital discharge:

Status PostCongratulations! You have had your surgery, and are well on your way to a new healthy lifestyle. You will visit your Surgeon and Dietitian in the office 10-14 days after you are discharged from the hospital. This visit is primarily to ensure that your medical recovery is going as planned.  The dietitian will review your past weeks diet, answer questions and assess your fluid intake. If the Surgeon and Dietitian feel you are ready, you will be allowed to advance your diet to “mushies” after this visit.

5-7 weeks after surgery:

Diet Advancement and Exercise Re-Assessment Recovery is over, and you are back to your regular schedule; it’s now time to check in and advance your diet. Up to this point you have been on a strict soft/mushie diet, ensuring that all foods are soft enough for your new stomach to handle.  During this visit your Dietitian will review your meal plan, assess your dietary intake, and if all things look good advance your diet to solid foods.  At this point you will be advised on your specific serving size per meal and total calorie goal, as well as discuss advancing you to more solid foods. You will also have another opportunity to meet with our Exercise Specialist to re-asses your physical fitness and to modify your exercise plan to fit your needs.

8 weeks- 12 months after surgery:

Band Nutrition Follow-Up(Band Patients ONLY) Accountability is key for success with all surgeries, but especially important for patients with a band.  During the first year following your surgery you will have the opportunity to meet with the Dietitian at any time to discuss meal plan options, healthy snacks, calorie goals, and other nutrition concerns in order to have successful  weight loss.

6 Month Nutrition Follow-Up You will review meal patterns and plans, meal portions, and supplement needs with your dietitian.

6 Month Exercise Follow-UpYou’ve had 4 months since your last exercise assessment and a lot has changed!  You’ll probably notice you have more energy and also that your weight loss is starting to slow down.  This one-on-one consultation with the Exercise Specialist will provide another opportunity to review your exercise regime and help add variety to your work-out routine.

12 Month Nutrition Follow-UpWhat a difference a year makes!  It’s now time for your annual review with your Dietitian.

Diet, Exercise, Behavioral Counseling Follow Up (additional fee) Throughout your journey, you or our medical team may feel it to be beneficial that you visit with the Dietitian, Bariatric Wellness Counselor and/or Exercise Specialist in addition to the originally scheduled visits.  As a member of our program you are able to schedule appointments with our Dietitians, Exercise Specialist, and/or our Bariatric Wellness Counselor to review any concerns you may be having.

After 12 months:

Doctor and Wellness Follow-UpPlease refer to your after-care protocol information sheet for your long term care.