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The Obesity Epidemic

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. In the United States the occurrence of obesity has steadily increased in the past decades. The following data are based on NHANES 2001 to 2004.

Nearly one-third of U.S. adults are obese.

In the past 20 years adult obesity has doubled

Most studies show an increase in mortality rates associated with obesity. Individuals who are obese have a 10- to 50-percent increased risk of death from all causes, compared with healthy weight individuals. Obesity is associated with about 112,000 excess deaths per year in the U.S. population relative to healthy weight individuals.


Prevalence of Overweight Adults Source:

WHO, Preventing and managing a global epidemic, 1998.

Who (the World Health Organization states that globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese. Current obesity levels range from below 5% in China, Japan and certain African nations, to over 75% in urban Samoa. But even in relatively low prevalence countries like China, rates are almost 20% in some cities.