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‘In it to win it’ John finds the support he needs to achieve weight loss goal

Two summers ago, when John George’s weight reached 470 pounds, the 6’4” information technology specialist knew he had to do something about his health. Having struggled with weight issues since he was a child, at 44 he was having regular bouts of atrial fibrillation, suffering from sleep apnea and he was frequently taking sick days from work.

“I tried everything in the book, a liquid diet, the cabbage diet, working out, but none of it worked. My biggest issue was I didn’t have an off switch so I was never full,” says John.

The most he had ever lost was 100 pounds during a six-year tour of duty with the U.S. Navy, but the weight came roaring back.

After he received his heart diagnosis, the Arlington resident took the first step toward transforming his life by watching an online seminar provided by Inova Weight Loss Surgery program. Then he made the trip from his home in Arlington to meet with Medical Director Amir Moazzez, MD.

“We have patients go through a general educational process to start off with, so they’re ready for this life-changing experience. We want to be sure they’re addressing all aspects of this lifestyle change and they’re ready for this lifelong commitment,” says Dr. Moazzez.

Following surgery in July 2015, John lost 200 pounds post-surgery, and the weight loss has been transformative. “It’s a life-changer,” says John. “I’m not sweating anymore, I’m not out of breath when I climb stairs, I can touch my toes, I can cross my legs, and when I go out to eat with friends, I don’t need a table; I can sit in a booth.” These days, John looks forward to hiking, scuba diving and skydiving. He attributes his success to Dr. Moazzez and the support he received at Inova.

“At Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, they have a plan to help you be successful with your weight loss surgery,” says John. “For six months after the surgery, they teach you about the foods you’re eating, portion control, exercise, everything. Just fixing your stomach is not going to help you. You have to be in it to win it. It’s not an easy road, but you can do it.”


Mary Rappaport shares her weight loss journey after losing 150 pounds after receiving bariatric surgery from Inova Weight Loss Services at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

It Starts Today – How obesity surgery helps people reclaim their lives



After a lifetime of dealing with my weight, I finally decided that I needed the help that only a gastric bypass could provide. I had been working on the mental aspects of my eating for many years, trying many different therapies and working very hard to overcome my food addiction. Food was, and still is, my drug. What I finally realized was that no matter how hard I worked at the emotional aspects of my eating, I couldn’t change the physical parts. I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I physically craved food and didn’t feel okay until I ate it. It wasn’t until I had the surgery that I even knew what it felt like to not be hungry. My mind still craves food, but my body doesn’t. Once I was able to remove the physical reasons for my hunger, I could concentrate 100% of my focus on establishing a mentally healthy relationship with food and exercise.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Moazzez and the staff at Inova Bariatric. Everything went smoothly before, during and after my surgery. Pam worked very hard helping me through the approval process and the nursing staff was always friendly and helpful. Dr. Moazzez listens to you, as a patient, and takes all of your concerns seriously. I never feel rushed, even at routine appointments. I had my surgery in January of 2010 and, 4 1/2 years later, have been able to maintain my weight. Food is still my issue, and probably always will be, but the surgery was the best decision I ever made for myself. Thanks for everything!! – Nicol P.

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At my heaviest, I was 281 lbs (according to my scale at home).  I was very unhealthy, and really didn’t care about how I looked and what I ate.

I had diabetes, and high blood pressure, and they weren’t getting any better.  It was the day when I started to lose my eye site, that I started to consider having gastric bypass surgery, because I had tried for so many years to lose weight by myself, and nothing worked.

After researching centers around the area, I found Dr. Moazzez and his team…and the rest is history!  I’m so thankful for having my gastric bypass in April 2008.  It’s been four years since I had my procedure, and I’ve still been able to keep the weight off.  Now mind you, it’s a struggle (everyday) to do the right thing and exercise, and eat right, but it (can) be done.

Take hold of your life, and stop letting food rule you…YOU rule over food!

Thank you Dr. Moazzez for changing my life forever.  Now, I’m the one (in front of the camera), instead of the one always behind it.


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“Thank you for my new Life!!!”

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Jon and Jill

“We use to fuss over who was going to wear that shirt.”

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Marianne: My Weight loss Story

“My family doctor asked me if I wanted to live or die. I was termed “morbid obesity”. I decided that I wanted to live. I was over 400 pounds, had high blood pressure and could not walk without breathing like a freight train. I had tried all the diets and had lost some weight and put more back on. The weight reduction surgery was the answer to life. I had the Gastric Bypass surgery three years ago and it is a daily fight to keep the weight off. I took off 200 pounds and I am only sorry I did not have the surgery sooner. Yet, in my defense I was not mentally ready for a change in life style and the surgery itself. Surgery is not easy for the first three months but after that the benefits are so great. I can now do the sport I love which is horseback riding and I can mount my horse by myself. I have a new confidence because I feel everyone is not looking at the “big fat cow”. I heard someone say that once when I went back for seconds at a buffet dinner. Now there are no more seconds of anything and I don’t miss it. Perhaps my secret joy is meeting someone I know but haven’t seen and the surprise at my new appearance. I love it and I love my new life.”

Best Wishes, Marianne

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Dorothy: My Weight loss Story

Here is my story and 2 presurgical pictures at 312 lbs and one week post-op where I weighed around 290:

“My entire adult life has been a roller coaster of gaining and losing weight. I did every fad or commercial diet that came down the road. I was able to lose over 100 pounds in the past at two different points in my life. But I just couldn’t keep the weight off. After a number of years, my health was really starting to suffer. In November, 2006, I finally hit my highest weight of 312 pounds and I was absolutely miserable. I was on medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. My joints especially feet, knees and ankles hurt all the time. I have arthritis and some days I felt like I could barely walk. I knew I needed to exercise to help me lose weight, but how do you do that when you can hardly move? I was suffering from asthma, also. Several times a year my asthma would get out of control and I would have to go on steroids. November, 2005 was one of those times. The steroids made my blood sugar go even higher and I felt awful. I thought I was going to have to go on insulin. I looked and felt bad and decided I could not live the rest of my life like this. In fact, I was afraid the rest of my life wasn’t going to span very many years if I didn’t get my weight under control and get healthier.

I happened to hear a presentation on the program at IFOH at a nursing conference and decided I needed to investigate this. It was the best decision I ever made. I had my surgery on February, 26, 2007. I had lost about 20 pounds before the surgery but the most incredible part is what happens after the surgery. I was off the medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes immediately. I even was able to finally come off the asthma medications after losing weight. Over the past year and a half, by following the instructions of the nutritionist, Dr Moazzez and his team, going to the support group, and including exercise in my daily life, I have been able to lose 170 pounds. I feel like a new woman. I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and it feels good to be able to move without hurting and to be able to exercise or even walk without being short of breath. The bonus is looking better, but the real plus is being in great health. I now feel like I have a life of many years ahead of me”.

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I first came in to see Inova Bariatric in March of 2007, at that time I weighed about 275-280, a real BLIMP. I had Sleep Apnea, diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. Plus I just did not like Me. After coming in to the clinic a couple of times and attending a Saturday Seminar, I decided that this program was what I needed and wanted. I attended the Nutrition and Physical Therapy Sessions and learned a lot. I had my “Gastric Bypass” on 23 October 2007, spent the rest of the week in Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center (formerly Potomac Hospital) in the Bariatric Wing and was treated fantastic, [the doctors] were in to see me, making sure that I was doing fine. Since then, I have done real well, I have lost about 120 pounds, no longer have Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and my total Cholesterol is below 180. I feel better now than I have in years, I have gone from a 43 waist size to a 31. Would I do it over , You Bet I Would. Bill English

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“I have been completely satisfied working with the Inova Bariatric staff. Not only did I lose the weight I expected, I also received necessary education and advice on maintaining the weight loss. In addition, I learned valuable information for healthier living beyond weight loss.”


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“After 20+ years of losing and (mainly) gaining weight, I was up to 360 lbs. before I finally visited Dr. Moazzez.  I had lap-band surgery in April ’05, and now in May ’09 I’m steady at 250 lbs.

I feel so much better, and have so much more energy, now I can run around with my 7-year-old son — I’ve had so much fun with him that I never would have been able to at 360.  Maybe even more importantly, my diabetes has disappeared — my blood sugar levels have dropped down to normal and I no longer have to take diabetes pills and insulin shots.  My heel spur pain is also gone — more pills I no longer have to take.

While I’ve had to make some adjustments, and the lap-band is not a panacea, I’m extremely glad I went through with it.

Dr. Moazzez has been wonderful the whole way, starting from my initial visit where he took all the time needed to explain the various weight-loss options to me.  He listened to my particular situation and my concerns — unlike some other weight-loss doctors, who made me feel like just another cash cow being led to the slaughterhouse — and we agreed the lap-band would be my best option.  He and his medical staff fully prepared me for surgery and its long-term aftermath.  (I should also mention that Pam at the front desk has always been friendly and helpful.)

The surgery itself went great, no post-op complications, I was pretty much back to normal within a week (I took 2 weeks off of work just to be extra sure).

Dr. Moazzez has continued to be a great listener throughout my fills, always interested in my feedback and receptive to my thoughts and concerns — even recently allowing me a small “un-fill”, after a full discussion of the advantages and disadvantages.  I truly recommend him very highly.”

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“After battling my weight for many years, I made the decision to take control of it with weight loss surgery.  I spent a lot of time researching the procedures, and luckily, was referred to Inova Bariatric. The other medical members and the staff, have been wonderful to deal with, both pre-op and post-op.  As a Center of Excellence, they are always looking for ways to improve the experience of their patients, and they run a very successful support group for both pre-op and post-op patients.

I can’t say enough about Inova Bariatric and am very thankful I made the decision I did….I have my life back! ”

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