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Post-Surgical Diet

Your post-surgery diet will be a highly regimented program. You’ll meet with a dietitian before and after surgery, and will be given detailed written diet instructions to take home.

The Typical Diet Schedule

Stage I Diet: On the morning after surgery, once the UGI test is performed, you will start a clear liquid diet. This diet consists of sugar-free Jell-O, broth, and decaffeinated tea.

Stage II Diet: On day two, you’ll advance to a full- or nutrient-enriched liquid diet. Please refer to “Picking a Protein Supplement” under the Nutrition tab for more information.  You’ll be sent home on the Stage II diet and will remain on this diet until your initial postoperative visit about one week after surgery.

Stage III Diet: Consists of pureed food. This diet is rich in protein and produce.  You will be on Stage III foods for four to six weeks after the operation before advancing to Stage IV.

Stage IV Diet: Consist of solid food. However, keep in mind that this food should be low in fat, low in added sugar, high in protein and with increased fiber.

The Pocket Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle after Bariatric Surgery

Click here for a printable copy.